What We Do

We are a non-profit knowledge curation platform committed to defending and strengthening a well-informed public sphere. To do that, we strive to unearth, disseminate, and highlight high-quality information – without deepening public dependence on opaque algorithmic solutions pushed by Big Tech. We do so both by offering individual subscribers a “clean” feed of high-quality content – and by working with institutions (think-tanks, foundations, media, companies) who have their own bespoke information needs.

The people behind The Syllabus

Evgeny Morozov

Founder & Publisher

Evgeny is a writer and thinker on the social and political implications of information technology. He is the author of The Net Delusion (2011) and To Save Everything, Click Here (2013) and regularly writes for publications around the world. You can reach out to Evgeny here.

Ekaitz Cancela

Editor & Curator

Ekaitz is a journalist and writer based in Madrid and Bilbao. He is the author of Utopías digitales (Verso, 2023) and Despertar del sueño tecnológico (Akal, 2019) and a regular contributor to the Spanish press.

Marco Ferri

General Manager

Marco is a graduate in economics based in Milan. He joined The Syllabus as General Manager in March 2022 after years in consulting. You can reach out to Marco here.

Danny McDonald

Head of Curation

Danny is a linguist and programmer, with special interest in fields such as computational linguistics where the two domains overlap. He was born in Australia but is currently based in Zurich, Switzerland.

Mikalai Maksimchuk

Head of Operations

Nikolai is a graduate of Bard College Berlin based in Warsaw. He has previously handled various data mining projects, including those for Evgeny during the early iterations of The Syllabus.

Fedir Orlov

Lead Developer

Fedir is a graduate in economic cybernetics from Kharkiv National University. He is a Python developer and data analyst with a particular interest in data mining and machine learning.

Alessandra Castellazzi

Researcher & Curator

Alessandra is a literary translator and writer based in Milan. She regularly writes about books and culture for Italian magazines and works as a freelance editor for publishing houses.

Begüm Güven


Begüm studies psychology and philosophy at Boğaziçi University. She is working on a project on Istanbul history, mainly Istanbul Greeks. Her independent research interests include phenomenology and cognitive science.

Gustavo Lamounier

Researcher & Curator

Gustavo is a political science graduate from Universidade de Brasília, based in Brazil. His areas of interest are decolonial marxism, far-right extremism and the informational ecosystem.

Ivan Krasnov


Ivan is a writer, translator and musician living in Berlin. He has worked with promoters and record labels in New York, London and Berlin, and is passionate about underground and experimental music. His interests centre around labour movements, global politics, and online virtual communities.

Lela Weigt

Researcher & Curator

Lela is a translator and researcher on contemporary literature, based in Berlin. Her areas of interest are Latin-American literature, cultural memory and migration.

Marc Shkurovich

Editor & Curator

Marc is completing his master’s thesis on crypto and the political economy, sociology, and semiotics of money at Freie Universität Berlin. He has a degree in American Studies from Yale College. Marc previously worked at a bookstore and a publisher of literature in translation.

Pierluigi Bizzini

Researcher & Curator

Pierluigi is a writer, editor and freelance journalist. He writes stories and reportages from the Mediterranean world and from Sicily, where he lives. He is among the authors of Bagliore (2020). He is editor of Alea, an independent cultural anthropology magazine. He is fellow reporter at AlgorithmWatch.


Bohdan Parkhomenko

Back-end Developer

Carsten Schnober


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Edwin Collamat

Data & Research

Giovanni Bonelli

Back-end Developer

Jamillah Fidelis

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Matteo Breda

Front-end Developer

Max Hancock


Michele Palmia

Software Engineer

Morten Schneider


Oliver Le

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Back-end Developer

Olga Sheldon

Motion Graphics Designer