The Post-Neoliberal Moment

Recently, there's been much talk about the demise of neoliberalism. Some are contemplating the emergence of “post-neoliberalism," even if its conceptual and political contours remain blurry. For others, today's neoliberalism is a bit like Schrödinger's cat, simultaneously dead and alive.

Drawing on Syllabus knowledge-curation infrastructure, we are mapping these discussions. As a start, we have clustered some of the ongoing conversations into six distinct themes (each further divided into three subtopics). This, of course, is not a definitive or exhaustive list. But we do think it’s a reasonable place to begin exploring these debates. 

For each subtopic, we have included pointers to some of the readings we found most stimulating. We are also conducting interviews with prominent voices in these debates, and will be updating the relevant sections accordingly.

Exhaustion of Competition

Resources on Platforms, Superstar Firms, and IP, and conversations with Amy Kapczynski and Dieter Plehwe

Activist Economic Policy

Resources on Post-Covid, Green Transition, and China, and a conversation with Dani Rodrik

End of Price (Signals)

Resources on Tech & the Market, ESGs, and Profits & Prices, and interviews with James Meadway and Kristin Demetrious

Globalization in Doubt

Resources on Populism, Tech Sovereignty, and the Crisis of Globalist Common Sense, and conversations with Herman Mark Schwartz and Reijer Hendrikse

New Central Banking

Resources on Climate Change as New Mandate, Functional Finance, and Shadow Banking, and a conversation with Benjamin Braun

New Subjectivities

Resources on Beyond Work & Debt, Post-Neoliberal Citizenship, and Climate Shifts, and interviews with William Davies, Carolina Bandinelli, and Christina Scharff

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