The Center for the Advancement of Infrastructural Imagination

Since our inception in 2019, The Syllabus has had two interconnected goals. The first is to serve as a guide to the digital public sphere for our readers. The second is to spark a conversation about the technological alternatives that exist beyond the usual narrow visions. As of December 2022, we are pursuing these goals as a fully not-for-profit organisation.

Our new parent foundation, the Center for the Advancement of Infrastructural Imagination (CAII), was established in the Netherlands in January of last year. CAII’s mission is to build on what we have learned at The Syllabus. This will include creating freely accessible infrastructures based on our curatorial methodologies, and intervening in public debates around other critical social issues. 2023 has already been an auspicious year for both The Syllabus and CAII, and we look forward to sharing more news as it arrives.