Introducing the new Cabinet

Along with our new website, we are thrilled to present a revamped Cabinet. Our subscribers will recognise improved versions of our core service, plus some exciting new features. The Cabinet now consists of three sections: the Feed, our Curated Editions, and the Library Stacks.

The Feed is where you get personalised selections. These can now be customized in far greater detail. As before, The Feed allows you to indicate topics, media types, and languages you’re interested in. But now there's a cool extra feature: you can also indicate specific authors and publications you would like us to track. And if we feature anything from them, you'll be alerted!

To enable this, we ask both our new and existing subscribers to reset their preferences and settings. And to make sure that our true gems don't get lost, we have limited the Feed down to the 10 best pieces. But don’t worry – by clicking ‘Read all’, you can still access the extras.

We have also added a bookmark feature for the pieces you'd like to revisit later.

personalized feed

Our new Curated Editions are getting more discerning, too. We have tightened them to the 10 best items. A new collapsable dashboard view will help you navigate all this curation goodness.

curators' picks

The Library Stacks section is our latest experiment in the serendipity department. When you enter the Stacks, we will greet you with pieces randomly drawn from a pool of our curators’ zany favourites. Our hope is you stumble on hidden gems there. Just like you might in the library stacks. Here is also where you can access our Archive. The one with 150,000 pieces in it.

library stacks

All in all, we hope that the Cabinet provides a far more personable and functional experience. We eagerly await your feedback!

And there are more features and improvements to come. Next on our list is the Archive. Soon, its search will be as good as its contents! Stay tuned for more news in the coming months.