The Right Climate

While the fight to reverse climate change enjoys broad support from progressive forces, the attitudes of those on the right are often more ambivalent. There’s no shortage of climate change denialists, of course. But there are also many discourses that, instead of minimizing the risks posed by climate change, seek to mobilize them to advance other right-wing agendas. These can include limiting migration or defending tradition, embracing markets or restricting democratic governance.

As a result, the struggle to reverse climate change acquires sinister undertones. It becomes lumped with right-wing projects, many (but not all) of them of the populist variety – and “populist” here spans phenomena such as “technocratic populism” and “populism of the elites.” 

Drawing on Syllabus knowledge-curation infrastructure, we are mapping these discussions. As a start, we have clustered some of the ongoing conversations into six distinct themes (each further divided into three subtopics). This, of course, is not a definitive or exhaustive list. But we do think it’s a reasonable place to begin exploring these debates.

For each subtopic, we have included pointers to some of the readings we found most stimulating. We are also conducting interviews with prominent voices in these debates, and will be updating the relevant sections accordingly. 

Market Imagination

Resources on Green Economy, Neoliberalism, and Industry, and a conversation with Adrienne Buller


Resources on Engineering, Eco-Modernism, and Tech Solutionism, and a conversation with Benedetta Brevini

Nation & Race

Resources on Nationalism, Migration & Race, and the Far Right, and conversations with ‪Aron Buzogány‬ and Bernhard Forchtner

Experts & Elites

Resources on Technocracy, Justice, and Anti-Politics, and a conversation with Jason W. Moore

Security & Order

Resources on Securitization, Green Crime, and Authoritarianism, and an interview with Jaime Vindel

Tradition & Collapse

Resources on Nostalgia, Masculinity, and Survivalism, and an interview with Melissa Moreano Venegas

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